How to uninstall mseide-msegui from Ubuntu

Uninstall mseide-msegui

To uninstall just mseide-msegui package itself from Ubuntu execute on terminal:

sudo apt-get remove mseide-msegui

Uninstall mseide-msegui and it's dependent packages

To uninstall the mseide-msegui package and any other dependant package which are no longer needed on Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get autoremove mseide-msegui

Purging mseide-msegui

If you also want to delete configuration and/or data files of mseide-msegui from Ubuntu then this will work:

sudo apt-get purge mseide-msegui

To delete configuration and/or data files of mseide-msegui and it's dependencies from Ubuntu then execute:

sudo apt-get autoremove --purge mseide-msegui

mseide-msegui package information

name mseide-msegui
section devel

FreePascal-based GUI development library and IDE

The library: - Uses some revolutionary approaches - Compiles with FPC 2.2 and FPC 2.3 . - Tested on i386-linux SuSE 9.0,10.3 and i386-win32 98/2000/XP. - Links to xlib and gdi32, no external widget library needed. - Internal character encoding is UCS2. - Uses anti aliased fonts on Linux (Xft). - All screen drawing is double buffered. - Has docking forms and MDI. - Has embedded forms (similar to TFrame). - Has database access components and data edit widgets. - Internationalization functionality with resource modules. - report generator. - automatic layout management - skinning Due to some FPC limitations, only static linking is currently possible. IDE: - Integrated debugging. - Source code highlighting. - Source code navigation with support for include files. - Code completion for classes. - Integrated visual form designer with source code update for components and events. - Flexible and handy build system with switchable macros. - Visual form inheritance. - Integrated report designer. - WYSIWYG layout management - inherited forms ( both subclassing and superclassing )

website msegui/ 

More information about apt-get remove

Advanced Package Tool, or APT, is a free software user interface that works with core libraries to handle the installation and removal of software on Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. APT simplifies the process of managing software on Unix-like computer systems by automating the retrieval, configuration and installation of software packages, either from precompiled files or by compiling source code.

apt-get is the command-line tool for handling packages, and may be considered the user's "back-end" to other tools using the APT library.

apt-get remove is identical to install except that packages are removed instead of installed. Note that removing a package leaves its configuration files on the system. If a plus sign is appended to the package name (with no intervening space), the identified package will be installed instead of removed.

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